ultrasonic cleaning systems


Ultrasonic cleaning systems, tank's bounded with ultrasonic transducer's, ultrasonic plate's and ultrasonic immerse transducer's and Ultrasonic Generator.


Beside equipment and machines, we also offer Ultrasonic systems , means we manufacturer ultrasonic tanks according your technical drawings or we install our Systems on your existing Tanks.

We manufacturer ultrasonic immerse transducers, as well ultrasonic plates with sealing or complete tanks.


our ultrasonic generator are available in single or multi frequency technology, these ultrasonic generators cover a wide power range starting from low as 100 Watt to a upper range of 8000 watts per generator.




ultrasonic transducer plate elma
ultrasonic generator elmasonic IG by www.ewins.asia
elma ultrasonic cleaning by www.ewins.asia


We are able to manufacturer different sizes and ultrasonic system with a huge ultrasonic power range starting from 100 Watt to 8000 Watt or even more.

This Ultrasonic Systems are available in single ultrasonic frequency like 25 kHz, 37kHz, 40 kHz , 45kHz, 80kHz and 130kHz

or in multi frequency ultrasonic system for example 25/45kHZ, 40/80kHz  or 37/130 kHZ.


Furthermore we even offer ultrasonic system in composite technology were we are able to cover temperatures above 80° C if necessary .


custom made is possible as well.