STA-centrifugal liquid recycling

Cleaning of Water, the elixir of life –
One more reason for STA


About STA separation

STA has been manufacturing and marketing centrifugal separators and complex systems for clarifying industrial fluids since 1992.


The shrinking supply of drinking water worldwide compels us to treat our water resources responsibly.

According to estimates, by the year 2025 a third of the world's population will be living in an acute water shortage. Water requirements will be 56% more than the quantity available.

Industry alone uses 25% of the available drinking water. For the production of one car, for example, 40,000 litres of water are needed.

With STA clarification systems, process fluids can be continually filtered in order to reduce disposal and the use of fresh water to a minimum. This saves costs and protects the environment at the same time.



Thanks to many decades of experience of various production procedures, such as grinding technology and surface treatment, as well as our know-how in filter technology, we have been able to gain the confidence of many renowned customers, e.g. Daimler Chrysler and Robert Bosch, where over 50 STA systems are installed.

Today, 30 employees work in the company's own building, which was built in 1993 and considerably extended in 2000.


Our success is based on not just building systems, but also providing solutions for complex customer problems. The basis for this is, on the one hand, a profound understanding of the filter and centrifugal technology used, but also, and much more decisively, familiarity of the process at the individual customer where the clarification system is to be installed.