used equipment

used machine's, currently we have the following used machines and/ or refurbished equipment for sale:


Ultrasonic cleaner's


#1: used ultrasonic cleaner Elmasonic E100H for sale > 9,5 Liter filling volume and heater, inclusive warranty now for sale only 32,XXX.- Baht


elmasonic E100h ultrasonic cleaner used


tank view inside with light mark of use!



#2: used ultrasonic cleaner Elmasonic Easy100 for sale > with a volume of 9,5 liter and heater, pulse mode for rough contamination, inclusive warranty now for sale 38,XXX.- Baht


 original photo will follow soon !



#3: used ultrasonic cleaner Elmasonic Xtra Basic 550 with new ultrasonic tank and generator for sale, inclusive warranty now only 119,XXX.-Baht


technical details:

with new ultrasonic tank and generator for sale, multi-frequncy 25/45kHz, 

1000 Watt  ultrasonic power

2900 Watt heating power

internal dimension 500mm Width/ 479mm Deepth/ 350mm Height

Tank service volumen 45,0 litre


#4 : ultrasonic cleaner T1260H with a volume of 160, 0 litre, ultrasonic pwoer regulation, heating, drain and overflow connectors.



currently we have one Elma Industrial Console T1260H with a Volume of 160 Liter for Sale.

technical details:

Volume = 160 litre

Ultrasonic frequency = 25kHz

Ultrasonic Power = 2000 Watt power adjustable from 10%-100%

Heating Power = 9000 Watt

max Temperature: adjustable form 0 to 80-85 C

outer dimensions = 1170 mm length x 750 mm width x 950 height

inner dimensions = 780 mm length x 500 mm width x 420 mm height (overflow pocket)

suitable for ultrasonic cleaning of metals, parts, automotive parts, gearboxes, motor parts, to remove oil and dirty from production, possible to connect oil separator or pump filter unit.



Timer = 0 to 2hours or infinity

Temperature control from 0 to 80 Celsius


1 Year Warranty except Cavitation damage



phone hot line : 087 07 33 179 / 061 61 09 593 / 081 25 36 756



#5 :new labeling machine without printer for sale | price on request



new un-used labeling machine without printer for sale, call 087 07 33 179 or mailto:sales(at)



 if you consider to purchase a new ultrasonic cleaner and if you have a old ultrasonic cleaner which has been in service for some time, we pay you a certain amount for your old ultrasonic cleaner (any brand) when purchasing a new Elma ultrasonic cleaner.

Call us now to find out more ! 087 07 33 179


Further more we have currently a used Xtra Basic 550 ultrasonic unit with a new tank for sale!


for more details please send a mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or give us a call!


For any Request or Interest in a free Demonstration, then please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be pleased to visit you.




 #6: used stainless steel centrifuge separator for sale > STA S-15-2 for separation of liquids, for example water or oil > price on request.

on side testing at customer


cleaning, preservation, recovery of liquid by centrifugal separator's


we are able to provide you test /rental centrifugal separators for a limited period or for long term rental



we offer short term testing of our centrifuge separators on customer side to convince you about the performance and advantage of our centifuges separators.

 for further informations please contact sales(at)



 or call 092 9303 199