modular ultrasonic cleaning lines manual or as robot version...always a good choice.

ultrasonic cleaning line xtra pro

E & W Industrial Service Asia Co., Ltd.

Multi-frequency modular cleaning systems in five different unit sizes

Five unit sizes available, from the single-unit device up to the completely automatic cleaning system.

Modular design to allow individual adjustment to the required cleaning process.

Pre-cleaning with solvents with X-tra LSM ultrasonic unit.

Multi-frequency technology (25/45 or 35/130 kHz) for virtually every cleaning task in the range of aqueous cleaning.

Pulse mode for added power to be applied for difficult cleaning tasks.

Sweep mode for a uniform sound field distribution.

Degas mode for the quick degassing of fresh cleaning liquids.

Plug & clean.

Advantages of the Robot System: variable Programs-times, different Ultrasonic-Frequencies and Ultrasonic-Power during one immerse Step, means better cleaning result. PLC-Programs with Visualization of all Aggregates and Times. Many Accessoirs avaiable on request.





X-tra 300

X-tra 550

X-tra 800

X-tra 1200

X-tra 1600

Volume (Litre):

32 Litre

55 Litre

84 Litre

112 Litre

165 Litre




wether you may consider

a single ultrasonic Cleaner ......


with or without agitation....


may a oil separator or

a pump filter unit.



ultrasonic cleaner elma xtra pro flex1


or Flex-2 with a cleaning & rinsing tank,

Flex -3 with 3 stations or

Flex 10 with 10 Stations,

even later it can be expanded easy and fully fill your demands.

ultrasonic cleaner elma xtra pro flex2



optional there is a warm air dryer available


with a mximum setpoint of 120° C


ultrasonic elma hot air dryer without filter



or a warm air dryer

with hepa filter

ultrasonic elma hot air dryer with filter


or a infrared dryer

and now even a vacuum dryer

on request !



many more option's as well the accessories available.

ultrasonic elma infrared dryer

Please kindly watch the demonstration Video on: Elma Xtra Line pro

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