modular ultrasonic cleaning line precision


product brochure: ultrasonic cleaning line xtra precision





modular ultrasonic cleaning elma x-tra precision

Modular system for the industrial ultrasonic fine cleaning or precision ultrasonic cleaning of optical lenses, precision optics and glass substrates, medical instruments, endoscopes and accessories

  • modular design of ultrasonic units and equipment for fine cleaning
  • available in two unit sizes for cleaning, rinsing and drying
  • wide range of optional and periphery equipment from the single unit up to fully automatic cleaning lines
  • high flexibility of design and process sequence
  • adjustable to additional or changed cleaning requirements
  • various cleaning programs can be determined and selected, in combination with transport robot and IPC control
  • reproducible cleaning results due to uniform and repeatable processes
  • operating screen with visualization for control and monitoring of process and transport systems
  • data logger can be integrated to the IPC control for quality assurance purposes
  • machine availability according to SEMI 10 norm available as software package
  • low investment costs by standardized serial products
  • short delivery time
  • Plug & Clean
  • other sizes on request!


Model: X-tra 300 X-tra 550 X-tra 800
Volume (liter): 32 Liter 55 Liter  80 Liter



Please kindly watch the Demonstration Video on: Xtra-Line-precision.



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