Ultrasonic Pre-cleaning Station CSSD (SPD-sterile processing department, CSD-central sterile department or CS-central supply) for Hospital's central sterile service department include steam-cleaning as pre cleaning step, followed by ultrasonic-cleaning as fine-cleaning step then rinsing.

pre cleaning station CSSD for hospitals

elma ultrasonic pre cleaning station CSSD by www.ewins.asia

The first pre-cleaning station set up of modular standard components made by Elma.



The customer can arrange their Pre-cleaning Station CSSD according to their individual requirements. Pre-cleaning station complete with compressed air outlet and distilled water. A steam cleaner can be added to allow steam cleaning in the same sink at a pressure of up to 8 bar. A suction hood (movable) is available on request to be mounted above the sink so that steam and removed particles cannot be distributed in the room. Another feature is the steam connection by Luer Lock system: MIS instruments or other Luer Lock hollow instruments can be coupled for an efficient cleaning inside.

The ultrasonic tank is fitted with multi-frequency technology providing two ultrasonic frequencies: 25 kHz for the removal of tenacious encrusted contamination's, or 45 kHz for other applications. Operation is self-explanatory, all set parameters can be monitored at the display.
The tank is designed with rounded corners to facilitate care and maintenance, the surface is electro-polished.
The floor unit elements can be used to complete the station, they are available as full unit or semi unit. The pre-cleaning station guarantees maximum serviceability due to the proven module dimensions, the short delivery times, perfect service and the best cleaning technology that steam and ultrasound can offer. The suction hood protects the operating staff. The system is easily and quickly set up, no great planning effort necessary.
for details please visit: pre-Cleaning-Station-CSSD-at-Medica2011


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