the new ultrasonic cleaner Xtra TT

 are manufactured for industrial purpose, for example when removing abrasive materials

like polishing paste

 ultrasonic cleaner xtra tabletop 30H-60H-120H-200H

what are the features of the X-tra TT Ultrasonic Cleaner:

available in 4 different Sizes, from the X-tra TT30H, X-tra TT60H, X-tra TT120H to X-tra TT200H.

robust stainless steel tanks providing a long life time.

dynamic mode/ sweep mode.

ceramic heater for short heating times as well dry run protection.

temperature from 30-80 Celsius can be set.

powerful 37kHz Frequency.

infinity operation or operated by time between 0 to 30 minutes .

Drain valve

reliable quality

Area's of use:

Jewellery production

Watch cleaning (watchmakers and/or watch shops for repair)

hospital and medical

Tattoo shop

Diving centre


Industrial Repair (Garage, Car, motorcyle, boot, ect).

ultrasonic tank made for reliable industrial purpose, it is hand made and welded to provide a long life time.

for further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.