ultrasonic-cleaner E become EASY 

Easy operation &  easy cleaning for all purposes in 9 different sizes from 0,80 liter to 28,0 liters of volume

ultrasonic cleaner Easy by E&W Industrial Service Asia Co.,Ltd.



The Elmasonic EASY series includes 9 units of different sizes and is characterized by simple, user-friendly operation.

With 100 % ultrasonic power at a frequency of 37 kHz, the Pulse function and visual warning

(when bath temperature reaches the set limit),

the Elmasonic EASY solves typical cleaning tasks in the dental practice and dental laboratory quickly and efficiently.

The activatable function “Pulse” is suited to remove tenacious, mineral soiling and polishing pastes.

The ultrasonic power is increased up to 20 %, so that any soiling will be removed easily and quickly.

The limit temperature can be adjusted according to individual requirements.

When the set temperature limit is reached the unit gives out a visual warning that helps to prevent

the coagulation of proteins and protects sensitive items from damage due to high temperatures.

The Elmasonic EASY units are available in 9 different sizes, all with stainless-steel casing.

They are equipped with higher unit feet, which improves the protection of the electronics against splashwater.

the Easy 10 (H) and 15(H) are avaiable without and with (heater),

All other Units from EASY 30 H upwards the units are equipped with a heating and

from the EASY 60 H upwards they have drain duct on the rear.



 Easy10H  Easy20H  Easy30H  Easy40H  Easy60H  Easy100H  Easy120H  Easy180H  Easy300H
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table top  ultrasonic cleaner Easy10H,  Easy20H, Easy30H,  Easy40H, Easy60H,  Easy100H, Easy120H, Easy180H and Easy300H

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