Our model was the washing machine

Elmasonic Denta Pro

Ultrasonic cleaning in the dental practice unit with preselected cleaning program

Cleaning programs are perfectly ordinary in machines like washing machine, dryer or dishwasher.

We have now transferred this idea to an ultrasonic cleaning unit.

How do you operate the new Elmasonic Denta Pro?

Our new Denta Pro is different. We attached more importance to the usefulness of the unit. Instead of

setting all necessary parameters yourself, you simply choose the required program and press the start

key. That‘s it. Each cleaning program operates with the optimum pre-set parameters of temperature and

cleaning time, and by the best suitable operating mode Sweep, Degas and Boost. You do not have to think

about the ultrasonic frequency or the effect of the temperature any longer.


The advantages of pre-set cleaning programs at a glance:

- optimum use of all cleaning parameters

- no knowledge required on operating modes such as Sweep, Degas or Boost

- overheating protection, automatic heating switch-off at 41 C to prevent the coagulation of proteins in the blood

(applies to programs meant for the cleaning of pieces where blood is expected)

- safe, standardized process in every cleaning cycle

- Extra key for exceptionally bad contamination or for cleaning large number of pieces

elma ultrasonic cleaner dental 
- no reading of instructions
- no brooding over parameters

  - no experimenting


Simply choose your
program and start the 
cleaning process.

elma ultrasonic cleaner dental pro


Elmasonic Denta Pro
Simple and safe cleaning without much thinking
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