immerse solvent machinery and ultrasonic solvent cleaning machinery,

besides ultrasonic cleaning equipment and machines, Elma also has experience in manufacturing of immerse solvent cleaning line with or without ultrasonic.

they even build solvent machines for the extraction and hydration process, Elma Atex system's all comply with relevant norms and standards which apply for CE, NFPA and FM Global Approval.








ATEX explosion proof equipment by



ultrasonic solvent cleaning 250-550LSMelmasonic LSM 250-550 unit


 currently we offer 3 models: elmasolvex VA, elmasonic LSM (see above) as well customized immerse solvent machinery & ultrasonic solvent machinery (see below)


the following features and components guarantee safe and monitored operation of the Elma Line's:


  • monitored technical extraction
  • free board cooling system
  • indirect cooling system
  • indirect heating or cooling of the process chambers
  • gas monitoring system in 2 steps
  • extinguishing device
  • nitrogen rinsing for ultrasonic
  • intrinsically safe circuits












ATEX explosion proof equipment

immerse solvent machinery ultrasonic solvent cleaning machinery by elma
 customized ultrasonic cleaning machine & immerse solvent machinery




Perfect cleaning results and the safety of the operating staff and the equipment even in processes that use flammable media are highly important.

To meet the ATEX Standards we provide top quality in all manufacturing stages from design and development to service and after sales service for our customers.


Elma Atex Systems in explosive -proof design which allows

the application of flammable solvents, such us acetone, Iso propyl alcohol, ethanol, for the cleaning, rinsing and drying of the most differing components.


We are hoping by providing you with Elma products and services we

are contributing to your success as reliable and competent partner.



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