automatic ultrasonic cleaning of 4 optical lenses.

ultrasonic cleaning of glasses before coating by sputter process

elma mini ultrasonic cleaning T04


Final ultrasonic cleaning equipment

Final ultrasonic cleaning equipment for cleaning and rinsing at the same time of four optical lenses (glasses) each before the following coating. The throughput of the equipment is synchronized on the fixed cycle of the subsequent coating equipment with sputter process.

The equipment is used in workshops with little throughput.

Different process parameters can be freely adjusted and controlled by the equipment control.


Programmable Controller monitors Temperature, Time and Ultrasonic to optimise the cleaning Results.

Function: Final cleaning of glasses before coating


1. Ultrasonic cleaning 35/130 kHz (Tank 1)

2. Ultrasonic rinsing 35/130 kHz (Tank 2)

3. Ultrasonic rinsing 35/130 kHz (Tank 3)

4. Rinsing with following lift-out for predrying (Tank 4)


Technical Data:

Frame dimensions: 1.080 x 700 x 1.1810 mm (L x W x H)

Tank dimensions: 265 x 162 x 150 mm (L x W x H)

Amount of tanks: 4

Electrical supply: 3 x 400 Volt, 50 - 60 Hz

Control: PLC-controlled

Fixed cycle: approx. 220 s (adjustable)

Throughput: 3-4 batches/h = 16 glasses /hour

Utilization: 1-2 shift

Availability: > 96%



The Machine can be equipped with a small internal Di-Water Station to provide the necessary Di-Water for Station 3 and 4.


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