microflame 140, 240 and 300 micro torch soldering and welding

hydrogen soldering unit

microflame units produce a hydrogen flame with very high temperatures of up to approx. 2850°C.

In the integrated stainless-steel reactor, detonating gas is produced through electrolysis from distilled water.

The detonating gas is guided from the reactor to a condensate separator to dry. Then, the gas is enriched with solvent vapour's

in a vapourizer tank. The processed detonating gas is then conducted through the gas hose to the burner hand piece via a

backfire protection device.

If the detonating gas ignites, it reacts releasing heat. The remainder of the reaction is water (H2O).

Temperature and energy of the burner flame can be adjusted to the soldering or welding job by the selection of a suitable nozzle

size and the type of vapourizer liquid.

The fine adjustment of the quantity of delivered gas is carried out by the regulating wheel on the burner hand piece. The

operating pressure can also be set at the operating panel depending on the required energy of the flame.

As soon as the valve at the burner hand piece is closed the gas production is automatically interrupted.

Depending on the temperature of the electrolyte reactor the ventilation device keeps on operating for a certain period of

time until the reactor has cooled down to 45°C. The ventilation device is fitted with 3 speed ranges which are controlled


The extremely low energy consumption and the low cost of consumption goods (distilled water, vapourizer liquid) ensure

extraordinarily low operating costs compared to other procedures.

hydrogen soldering and welding units with a gas production of 140 litres, 240 litres and 300 litres for the use in jewellery and dental lab

Micro Torch hydrogen soldering unit Elmaflame


Product features Microflame units

The Microflame units comprise the latest soldering and welding technology.

The special top part makes operation, maintenance and functional checks particularly easy. There is almost no

condensation inside the unit due to the special gas guiding device. This increases both reliability and service life of the units.

The Elmaflame units are equipped with a quick analogous pressure control to allow operation of the units on changing jobs

or on more than one workplace. The operating pressure is variable and is automatically kept precisely at a constant value

even when the ambient conditions change.

  • higest safety standards with compliance of DIN 32508 and low operating costs!
  • clean hydrogen oxygen burns without residues!
  • Micro processor operated with internal leak detection!
  • Booster lightning for the monitoring of functions and filling level of the vaporizer liquid!
  • quick regulation of the precise operating pressure with automatic adjustment!
  • Units made of Stainless Steel, for single or multi Workplace operation!
  • Elmaflame units produce a hydrogen flame with a very high temperature of up to aproximate 2850 C
Safety devices
Elmaflame units are designed and manufactured in compliance with the latest technology standards. Operation is safe provided
that the safety and operating instructions are observed and provided that the units are used only for applications for which
they are intended.
Safe operation of the units is ensured by means of the following safety devices.
  • Gas pressure monitoring by means of safety pressure switch
  • •Temperature monitoring of the reactor and of the transformer
  • Flame stop (backfire protection device) made of sintered
  • metal integrated in the burner hand piece
  • Flame stop (backfire protection device) at gas outlet
  • Reactor housing (pressure vessel) made of stainless steel
  • EMC
  • Mains fuse
A high operating safety is guaranteed because gas is produced only when it is required (i.e. when the valve at the burner hand piece is open).

CE conformity

The present Elma hydrogen soldering unit is in compliance with all relevant CE marking criteria.

The declaration of conformity can be obtained from the manufacturer.

download: elmaflame 140 product profile

download: elmaflame 240 product profile

download: elmaflame 300 product profile


recipe can be requested from manufacturer to purchase hydrogen locally.


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