The Elma Ring-meter, instrument

easy to use and efficient for finding the correct Ring-size.

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The first digital measuring unit for determining the finger size, you not need to test 100 of rings anymore.

The Ringmeter gives you exact measurements in no time at all; it is easy to use and operates very reliably.

  • competent aid in the sales department
  • measures all international norms
  • half and full sizes
  • easy to operate
  • time-saving

There are things whose purpose cannot be changed. But we can improve them.The first digital unit world-wide for the measuring of the finger size is available now. For the first time any user can determine the exact circumference of a finger in just one measuring which puts repeated trying - often by forcing fingers in too small steel rings - to the past. In a comfortable and exact way the circumference of the finger is determined by slight pressure at the widest point. By measuring at different parts of the finger variations of the circumference caused e.g. by temperature changes can be found quickly and easily, all in one measuring step. A particular advantage when handicraft solutions are required, such as a spring or a ball in the inner rail.

The unit is highly user-friendly. Every international ring dimension can be selected by push button. It does not matter whether the user is left or right-handed: the ergonomical design of the unit allows operation by both and makes operation by just one hand easy. The Elma Ringmeter facilitates the exact and quick determination of the correct ring size. Even the measuring of the correct size for bomb-shaped, hollow or exceptionally wide rings is no problem. For people with diseases of the joints unnecessary pain during the measuring is avoided.

Elma Ringmeter - an exact, modern and comfortable method of determining the finger size of your customers.

Technical details

Delivery volume:
Unit rest for Ringmeter, Operating Instructions, battery (9V compound battery)
Width: 57 mm
Length: 235 mm
Height: 63 mm
Weight: 175 gr
(+ rest 230 gr)
Largest possible diameter: 26 mm
Smallest possible diameter: 13 mm

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