Elma's ultrasonic cleaning and dip coating machine

as followed, Ultrasonic cleaning module STC 24-8-2xIR for „Ready for Coating Quality“ and the Elma Double Dip hard coating module STC 18-2-3xIR are a sample which provide a 24hour throughput of approximate 4000-4500 optical Lenses.

The ultrasonic Cleaning module:

elma ultrasonic cleaning & dip coating line by ewins.asia

 The Elma Machine Frame is completely made from stainless steel with covering made by stainless steel and/or Glass or Makrolon Windows.


The Ultrasonic tanks sizes are made depending on the Customers throughput, these tanks are equipped with our latest technology of the Elma Ultrasonic IG (industrial generator) the Tanks have rounded corners and are electro polished to reduce the Risk of contamination. The ultrasonic cleaning tanks are equipped with heating and ultrasonic elements on tank bottom and/or wall. The Ultrasonic power and working modes are selectable on generator or could be edited then direct in the PLC Program. The rinsing tanks are equipped with wall heating as well, if necessary then it’s possible to install a flow heater for preheating of the Water. The complete Machine Operation by Touch Screen with Visualization and it is monitored by a Beckhoff PLC Controller, were the operator is able to create different Programs, for different contamination's or Products. The Transport is monitoring the Process Parameters, if any of this Parameters are out of Range then it’s possible to stop the loading of new Baskets until all Parameter are back in Range. Furthermore the Beckhoff PLC could be access by VPN-connection to support the customer for Troubleshooting or to reduce possible Breakdown-times. In all Tanks we do have Agitation System and in the last Di-Water-Tank we do have a lift out system. The Piping system could be made in Stainless Steel and/or in infrared-welded PP-Pipe to reduce the contamination. The Cleaning Machine will partly be equipped with Laminar flow modules to cover the Cleaning Process and Protect the Products form re-contamination. The automatic robot transport system type LRS1 will handle the existing baskets inside the machine from loading station to unloading tank as a interface to dipping module.

Elmasonic Industrial Generator new.pdf

(Different Basket loading capacity’s on request), Robot driven by servo-step-motors, which are protected by Override Sensor.

The Dip coating Module:

elma ultrasonic clean & dip coating line by www.ewins.asia

The Elma Double hard coating module STC 18-2-3xIR consists of:

The Machine frame for the Dip Coating is also made from stainless steel with stainless steel cover and aluminium windows. The Dip-Coating Module will be covered by Laminar flow unit (FFU) on top of frame, depending on our Customers Requirements air temperature and humidity can be supplied by customer to the units or Elma can offer an Additional a Climate/Humiditiy Air Supply unit. Furthermore our equipment offers a Exhaust system for clean room air-outlet. Between the Cleaning Line and the Dip coating Line will be a Tank lock to hand over the baskets from cleaning module to the Dip coating module.

The Elma System Dip Coating has a Cool down position as well Vibration isolation to hold varnish tank and Lift-Out system ,the Varnish tank with double wall for cooling and a Tank with two side overflow and it will be protected by Automatic cover for varnish tank .There are Pump’s for varnish Volume regulation over frequency converter inclusive Filter housing for varnish filtration. Furthermore the Dip Coating system offers a varnish circulation, as well includes a Temperature probe for 2 varnish tanks. Two Chillers’ will cool down varnish as well the piping can easily be connected by quick connector.

The baskets will be driven by Lift-Out system with linear axis and servo drives followed by a 3 Station Hot-Air-Dryer with Hepa-filters for pre-curing will support the Drying Process.



1. Set Laminar-flow units to cover the complete process Area for the Cleaning module are available on Request.

2. Pump filtration unit for cleaning and Rinsing tanks with single or double filter housing 10” and with particle Filter inclusive pipe System.

3. Air-Temperature and Humidity Control Unit to control and monitor the Air inside the Dip-coating Module are available on Request.

4. Di-Water Stations are available in different sizes to provide the necessary Water Quality for the last cleaning Tanks.