centrifuge - area of use:

which areas centrifugal cleaning can be successful ?

if the liquid and solids sediment easily, the Centrifuge can be used to reduce cost of consumable supply and increase the lifetime of liquids.


Areas of good application are :

... in the metal processing

 for example for grinding, honing, lapping, polishing, finishing, tumbling tooling made out of steel, HSS (high speed Steel), carbide parts production steel, ferrous metals.

...in the forming

 for example rolling, pulling, pushing, pressing, bending, punching.

...in the oil-recovery

out of chip processing plants, chip pressing

...in the glass processing

lenses, precision optics, flat glass


...in the automotive industry

example paint sludge removal from the paint shop

...in the medical industry

processing of implants, prosthesis and dentures

...in the jewelry- and watch making industry

processing of noble metals like gold, silver, platinum, titanium. processing of glasses like sapphire glass

...in the processing of minerals

processing of mineral glass, quartz, ceramics, corundum, stone and granite

...in the washing Process for example ultrasonic cleaning

bath maintenance, bath maintenance for part washers, tramp oil separator

... other liquids on request.



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