Cleaning chemicals for ultrasonic, megasonic, splash and dip cleaning

the wrong cleaning chemicals may not fully fill the required cleaning task.


If the chemicals are to weak, then the cleaning result may not good enough, if you use a powerful cleaner then the cleaning results may perfect, but powerful cleaners may damaged your equipment on long term operation much faster and there is a higher safety risk for you and/or your operator's.

therefore Elma continue to develop and create cleaning chemicals for ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing and splashing purpose, with their main focus to get a perfect cleaning results, having a gentle product for operator and equipment as well for our environment, your children and grand children will be grateful for this!

We offer a wide Range of Ultrasonic Cleaning Chemicals or ultrasonic detergent's, which have been created by the Experts of the Elma Lab.



We offer around 100-150 kinds of different Ultrasonic Cleaning solutions for almost all applications like for example:


optics and precision optic:

cleaning of moulds

Cleaning ready for inspection

cleaning ready for coating

cleaning & dip coating

 ultrasonic cleaning in ophthalmics optics


Metal Industry:

before coating, gluing, soldering

before heat treatment

before electroplating

before plasma and gas nitrition

before PVD coating & CVD Coating

injection technology

motor components

Gear parts


Casting moulds

Pressure sensors

fine mechanic

Components for vacuum and gas conducting fittings

ultrasonic cleaning of metals parts

ultrasonic cleaning before coating or surface treatment


Jewellery Manufacturing:

for cleaning during production

for cleaning after wearing

for cleaning before surface treatment

ultrasonic cleaning & machinery for jewelry manufacturing


Medial Manufacturing industry:

cleaning of implants made from metal or ceramic

cleaning of surgical instruments, endoscopes and accessoires

ultrasonic cleaning in dental & medical

ultrasonic cleaning chemistry (elma lab clean)

The Experts of the Elma Lab are able to perform a ultrasonic Test Cleaning at Elma in Germany for you, during this test they analyses and collect helpful information's to recommend the Process Steps for a perfect Cleaning Result of your Products.

Dr. Jung and his team, test, analyses and develop Chemicals " made by Elma" specially made for the use with Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment, rinsing, spraying and splash cleaning.

ultrasonic cleaning chemistry (elma tec clean)

This Chemical are available in different Volume, starting from 1 Liter, 2.5 Liter, 10 Liter, 25 liter, 200 Liter or even 1000 Liter ICB's.

ultrasonic cleaning 1000 litre ICB

For further Questions please do not hesitate to contact us, thank you.

for some cleaning chemicals we able to provide you a free sample of 1,0 liter for testing, for details please do not hesitate to contact us.


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ultrasonic cleaning chemistry Elma tec clean


ultrasonic cleaning chemistry elma lab clean