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Today’s Recommendation how to choose an Ultrasonic cleaner:

Choosing an Ultrasonic cleaner is depending on different factors, let us give you some more details on this step by step.

You need to decide to purchase an Ultrasonic cleaner with our without Heater, if you may not use it so often then you would be able to heat the Water with a Water boiler in Advance and fill the Hot Water into the Unit, but if you may plan to use it several Times a day then investment in a unit with Heater will be a good return.

You need to decide about the Size, our Model Range from Elma is starting from 0,8 liters and to maximum Sizes there are no limit. We would recommend to purchase always a next bigger size this helps you to increase your production if necessary, most people believe it increase your consumptions of chemicals, that’s not correct, if you may have a bigger more



Today’s Recommendation is cleaning plastic parts for maintenance purpose, our sample are plastic nozzles of Air-washers which are used in the Industries for example will be used in Factories.


First of all we do need to decide which ultrasonic cleaners are suitable, our recommendation would be the Elmasonic E or Elmasonic S Series with 37kHz, because we do not like to damage the plastic but we may also need an efficient Cleaner to clean the metal parts of the nozzles.

Then we need to choose the Cleaner for the perfect cleaning, here we would recommend using the Elma Tec Clean S1, which should be diluted with water according to the size of the Ultrasonic Cleaner, means for example using a Elmasonic S 40H means we have 4,25 Liters Volume, the more

Today’s Recommendation cleaning of PCB board (Printed Circuit Boards) before repair or after repair or even for Production purpose.

Cleaning for different PCB boards can be accomplished, for example cleaning of small Boards from your Smart Phone, like iPhone, Android Phone, Windows-Phone, Blackberry or any other handheld.

Furthermore you clean Computer PCB boards, or PCB Board for the Industry, we actually deliver......continue to read




Today’s Recommendation cleaning of Nozzles from Water JET Cutting,once a Time we met one ofthe Owners of the famous and well-known local Company for Roof Tiles Oranvanich and he mentioned that he is looking for some Ultrasonic cleaner to clean the Nozzles of his Water Jet Cutting Machines for the Production.

We do not hesitate to offer him to visit them in there Factory and do a test cleaning as well giving them a recommendation for the Chemicals, Process steps and other important Issues.

As you already estimate these nozzles are very small around 8-10mm but the hole for the water is much smaller roundabout 1mm, during cutting dirt accumulate inside the hole more





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